MRC file: A gzipped MRC file; size limit: 640M
Difference map: You may be able to generate and upload a difference map with higher quality than the autmatically generated difference map by this server { map - map(protein) }
PDB file: This file should be aligned with the provided map; size limit: 10M
PDBTM XML: This file should be generated by TMDET. OPTIONAL - if this field is left empty, the leading four characters of the PDB file name will be treated as a PDBID and will be used to retrieve the XML file from PDBTM; if this process was unsuccessful, the PDB file is submitted to TMDET to obtain the required XML file
Interface: The thickness of the interface region in Angstroms
You can fork calculations from entries already in the database:
PDB/EMD ID: Be sure to enter here an id for an entry present in our database. Click on "Resubmit" on the next result page.
To test running from the scratch, you can download and use these files: